When a Company Can Withdraw a Job Offer

Business life is so complicated that there are variety of uncertainties. In usual scenarios, organizations offer a job and people who need a job accept it, or employees apply for a job and employers accept their appeals. But, what about rare cases? Job application does not have happy ending all the time. Think about a situation where employers revoke the job offer even the prospective employees have already accepted.

What can be the reason why a company rescind a job offer?

An appeal can be withdrawn for any reason, but there are some situations where this revoking process has legal grounds. If employers justify themselves, the company may legitimize withdrawn job offer. There are 2 general reasons for why an employer withdraws a job offer. The first reason is the problems caused by prospective candidates. Failing drug test, failing criminal background check and giving false information to company about background information are some examples of the problems caused by job applicants. The second reason is the difficulties in the company itself. Having economical struggles like lower profit than usual one is an example that is sourced by the company itself.  In this case, company should be able to document economic circumstances. For both reasons, company do not face any legal consequences.

What can be the reason why a company should not rescind a job offer?

A job offer cannot be revoked by reasons like race, national origin, age or gender. If an employer cancels the offer by putting forward those kinds of discriminatory reasons, applicants can be able to seek for a legal protection. In case of withdrawn by company, job applicants should take the precaution of waiting until they are sure about meeting all requirements for the job and accepted officially. That’s why they should not leave their current job or sell their possessions before mutual definite agreement with company.

What can candidates do in case job offer they apply is withdrawn?

In such a case, applicants may have a jus to be guaranteed to indemnify them against withdrawn process. Before pressing charges against the company who rescinds the job, candidates should justify themselves by showing that they have already accepted the job before it has been withdrawn, they have just left their current job and have a lost income. Is it sound familiar with you? If you face a problem like this, you should meet a lawyer who is good at similar lawsuits. 

What can you do to decrease the possibility of having a rescind job offer?

Are you afraid of any withdrawn stories despite doing all things right? You may not make yourself accepted officially, but you have things to do to minimize the chance that company will withdraw the job offer.

1) You should be honest. When you are honest, you tell your employer anything s/he needs about you like previous work experiences, bad credit, security clearance etc. In this case, you do not need to worry about whether your prospective company may find out anything later on. If you lie on your CV, you always worry about getting caught. Let the company know right things. You should also try to answer questions during your preselection.

2) You should know your rights. Employers usually get access to your information including criminal and credit history. However, they are restricted by law considering how they can conduct and use the background check. This means companies do not have a right for questioning you freely. There is a criterion for asking questions. You should be aware of what your company can and cannot ask. In some states, for example, employers cannot ask about your criminal history. This protects you from discrimination.

3) You should make sure about the offer and the quality of job. This is the most important part for job applicants while accepting an offer. As long as you have any questions about the job, you should not accept it at once. For example, you may hear about your company has a bad prestige or it is bad at payment, you should think twice.

4) You should have a Plan-B. Having a new job is so risky that you could leave your existing job, move to another city or take a loan out for moving expenditure. What if your job offer is withdrawn? You may have difficulties in this case unless you have a backup plan. You should know what to do in case of the worst-case.

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