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LSE Jobs

Available Positions, Locations and Salaries

  • Research Officer / Salary is fixed at £35,999 pa inclusive

Job Vacancies

Research Officer

LSE’s Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science is committed to developing the School’s role as a world leader in the researching and teaching of psychological and behavioural science. In the coming years, the department will become a hub for the 50+ psychological and behavioural researchers in other disciplines across the LSE as well as a cutting-edge centre of expertise in its own right. The Research Officer will contribute to the recently awarded ESRC award Pathways to Reconciliation: Investigating the impact of ES.PE.RE. (Schools of Forgiveness and Reconciliation) on psychological and social wellbeing.

Candidates should have a completed PhD in Social and Cultural Psychology, with a focus on youth groups, gangs and violence in the Colombian context. Experience of conducting field work in Colombia, using both quantitative and qualitative methods and full proficiency in English and in Latin American Spanish, with fluent knowledge of idiomatic expression of Colombian youth is essential.

The successful candidate should be able to adapt and contribute to a rapidly changing environment, where goals and specifications change as the project grows. They will need to show competence to work with stakeholders in different disciplines and with different levels of technical ability.

Job Application Online Process

To finalize your online application to LSE, follow the steps below:

Through LSE’s website, search for the human resources tab where you can list the current job openings and the application forms. There, you can find information on the steps to follow, with the explanations. Please note that, in case the job openings are not listed online on the original company’s website, you can always use the search engines/tools or the career websites with the advertisement links. You can reach the website of LSE from the link provided here to apply online for the openings.

How to apply for a LSE Jobs

Job Application Form Printable PDF

There are no printable job applications available for LSE. You must submit your Job Application from the job application page.

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