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JET Jobs

JET was established in 1954 by John Willy ‘Bill’ Roberts. Bill, who was born in Halifax in 1898, started working part-time in the mills at the age of 11. By the age of 12 he was working full-time and studying economics.

Bill Roberts served in the First World War and though barely out of his teens, he was keen to get on. One story typifies his character. After complaining that the sergeants were getting roast beef instead of stew like the men, he was told, ‘If you like roast beef, work to become a sergeant and you’ll be entitled to it.’ Before long Sgt. Bill Roberts was enjoying roast beef too.

in civilian life, Bill started working for a chemical company. His business acumen helped make the company, Trent Oil Products, a formidable oil distributor in the competitive years between the wars.

Available Positions, Locations and Salaries

  • Commercial & Marketing Graduate Development Programme, London / Salary: competitive salary
  • Retail Account Manager, London / Salary: competitive salary

Job Vacancies

Commercial & Marketing Graduate Development Programme

Our Commercial organisation manages the company’s worldwide commodity portfolio. Composed of several working groups based in London, Houston, Calgary and Singapore, it provides the support that allows us to optimize our assets and improve supply chain performance by gathering market intelligence, managing risk, and creating logistic solutions across the globe to enhance returns.

Buying and selling commodities, including crude oil, refined products, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas liquids, power and environmental instruments.
Driving global coordination and supply management of feedstocks.
Managing our global trading activities.
Gathering market intelligence to improve market performance.
Managing risk to achieve optimal return.
A career in Commercial can take many paths, one of which starts with our university graduate development program and moves through a variety of key positions in the overall value chain. This program provides new employees an opportunity to experience different roles without being committed to a single path. Some find their niche in one area and choose to develop deep expertise, while others thrive on variety and broader development, building their careers across multiple functions.

Retail Account Manager

Responsible for managing a portfolio of existing Retail customers and actively seeking new business, in the independent forecourt sector primarily covering East Anglia and East Midlands.As this is a regional role, access to the East Anglia and East Midlands’area is critical. The Retail Account Manager negotiates supply contracts and then continues to manage the account for the lifetime of the agreement, with comprehensive internal support from Head Office.

Job Application Online Process

How to apply for a JET Jobs

Job Application Form Printable PDF

You can download the JET printable job application form from the bottom. Once your computer has downloaded the form, you can then fill it out and then print the form.

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